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The Greek island of Astypalaia lies in the eastern Aegean Sea and is one of the twelve islands that make up the Dodecanese group of islands. The island, which sits at the point where the Dodecanese meet the Cyclades islands, has a long history and is portrayed by regularly Greek whitewashed villages and stunning shorelines. Astypalaia is additionally the westernmost island of the Dodecanese islands and is naturally separated into Mesa Nisi (the internal island, western part) and Exo Nisi (the external island, eastern part) by a slight portion of land under 100 m wide. 


The island's capital, and home to its port, is Chora and is known as a standout amongst the most pleasant towns in the Aegean. The town sits on a stone that projects into the ocean, framing two bays. Transcending above Chora is a castle with the white arches of Evangelistria and Agios Georgios churches visible above its walls. Around the castle lies Chora's homes with whitewashed dividers, blue entryways and windows, and wooden overhangs. 

The island is associated with the port of Piraeus and furthermore to other islands in the Dodecanese, the Cycladic islands and to Crete.