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UK News Paper «Telegraph» Reports: Kastelorizo (Megisti Island) Among the Best «Secret» Destinations

The British Newspaper «Telegraph» included the small island of Dodecanese, Kastelorizo (known as «Megisti» too) among the best secret destinations of Mediterranean!Kastelorizo according to the newspaper was ranked No.2 after the stunning Bozcaada Island of Turkey (No.1) and before the amazing South Italian Island Salina (No.3)!

We are very proud that the smallest island of Greece, has been chosen, among so many great destinations of Mediterranean! We remind you that Kastelorizo is easy accessible daily from Rhodes, via ferries, catamarans but also airplanes.

The friendly people of this land, along with the great hospitality, the picturesque port («Kordoni»), the fab food makes it a great secret escape destination, while in Rhodes and not only! In Kastelorizo, you will find great Neo Classical buildings and mansions transformed in guest houses / apartment complexes, all of them newly renovated with lots of comforts! In this island the multi awarded Italian movie, «Mediterraneo», was filmed.





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