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Rhodes island Club, among the top 100, globally!

Rhodes Island, among the 100 destinations that have the best clubs in the world, and for three consecutive years, according to the International Nightlife Association (INA). In particular, Rhodes was awarded in 2017 for the Paradiso Club.

The International Nightlife Association (INA), founded in 2012 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, is the world's first non-profit organization that has been specially developed to represent organizations active in the night life sector, including restaurants, bars, clubs, nightclubs, hotels and major vendors. The growth of INA is stable, counting members throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia, while its honorary members are, among other things, the Pancyprian Hotel Association (CHA) and the Turkish Federation of Hoteliers. The core values ​​of the organization are justice, security, quality and social harmony. Its main objective is to promote and support positive entrepreneurs' practices by providing education and training, access to specialist consultants, legal information and support, opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas, and ensuring that businesses have the conditions to develop and deliver world-class quality services . INA requires its members to meet the highest standards so that they can acquire and maintain their quality certifications. Businesses wishing to receive the two legality, security and service certifications can apply, which, upon approval, confirms that the premises are safe, insulated and have sound systems of good quality. Of particular importance is the fact that INA, with the support of local associations and agencies, is conducting major campaigns, such as the current "Road Tonight" roadside campaign, Driving Tonight, which rewards responsible driving and promotes the system of alternatives drivers in case of alcohol consumption. Finally, from 26 to 28 March, the organization organizes a conference and trade show in Las Vegas.




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