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When you are on and island, you’ll naturally find opportunities for water sports everywhere. Rhodes is no exception and in fact because both sides of the island have different features means that the choice becomes even larger.


The eastern side of the island is very popular with windsurfers. Aficionados of this sport come from all over the world to play here in the summertime. The winds that come along this side of the island are almost constant, allowing you to windsurf all day long. You may see people out there on the waves that look like professionals, and some probably are, but even beginners can have a go, with schools up and down the coast offering lessons and gear hire. You can also try kite surfing, which requires a bit of experience, but this too you can take lessons for.


On the western side of the island there are many different choices of water sports. At Lindos you can hire jet skis and zip around on the crystal clear waters. You’ll also find waterskiing and wake boarding. You don’t need experience, you just need a sense of adventure. If you do have some knowledge of boating, you can hire both powerboats and mini- catamarans. Many places offer instructional courses on all water sports, including boating, for which you can obtain a internationally recognized certificate. There are also the ubiquitous pedal boats for hire.


If you are feeling really adventurous, you can take a trip up in the air on a parasail. When you get up on one of these, you’l get stunning panoramic views Rhodes. Parasailing will get your adrenaline pumping but it is completely safe for everyone. Some place offer both single and tandem flights, so if you are there with family you can fly with your kids.


There are fishing trips available from many ports. Some are all day excursions where you get out and fish for the really big ones. Others will offer local trips for just a morning or afternoon that are not far off the coast. The boat operators know all the best spots and you will get to see lots of hidden bays and coves that you would normally never see if you were simply driving around the island.


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