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The ancient village of Archipolis has been inhabited since the 7th century BC. It situated in the lush, breathtaking surroundings of mount Axintes’ foothills, 33 kilometres from Rhodes Town. The air here is fresh and the atmosphere tranquil. The village is small and laid out in the traditional way with most activity centred around the central square where you’ll find a few cafés and shops.

There are three interesting attractions in Archipolis that are worth visiting, all of them very old. Probably the most beautiful of these is St. Nektarios, which is found just outside the village. Inside, you will see the amazingly impressive paintings that cover the entire walls and the ceiling. In the village St. Dimitrios church and St. Minas temple are the main attractions. If you are lucky enough to visit on the 25-26th October, you can enjoy the St. Dimitrios festival and its traditional music and dance.

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