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On the far southern tip of Rhodes is the small village of Kattavia. Sitting prettily amongst lush plains, that give it a real feel of isolated. The main economy of the village is farming and the atmosphere is sleepy. Around the shady village square, visitors will find some small shops and a few cafés where you can get a drink or something to eat.

Kattavia has several historical sites, one of the oldest being the 10th century Assumption of the Virgin Mary church. The 19th century church of Agia Paraskevi, dedicated to the village’s patron saint of the same name, is also worth visiting. Inside the church has a fantastic cobbled floor. You will also find a number of religious monuments in Kattavia, including the 17th century Saint George, and Saint Minas and Prophet Elias, both from the 19th century.

Kattavia has become increasingly popular, due to it being the closest village to Prasonisi, one of Rhodes’ most popular windsurfing beaches. There are shops hiring out windsurfing equipment and offering lessons for beginners. It is also popular on 26 July each year when the village festival of Agia Paraskevi is held.

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