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For this that love to get out in nature and walk, Rhodes is a paradise. The weather is perfect year round for this kind of activity. While it can get quite hot sometimes through mid day in the height of summer, trekking through the island is enjoyable almost any time of the year. The landscape is varied and diverse. Stunning views along the coastline transform into rolling hills and lush pine forests. There is fresh clean spring water available at many place on the island and walking through some of the old traditional villages notched by modern tourism will give you a sense of history that you won’t find while sitting on the beach. Everywhere you look you will find a new surpass, and you will often stumble across archaeological monuments and excavation right out in open fields.


For thousands of years, paths and tracks were used on this island for pilgrimages and transporting good. There was sonic a vast network connecting every small village and town. Many have been lost or disappeared, though there are hundreds that still remain intact and are still used today. The center of the island, away from the tourist beaches is particularly beautiful, covered in wild flowers, ancient cedar trees, fragrant herbs and olive groves. They all have a varying degree of difficulty, and many can be organized through a group, but all you really need is a good pair of walking shoes and a map.


One of the most beautiful walks you will find, is to the sleepy little white-washed village of Asklipio. It i only about 90 minutes from the coast and can be done in a day trip. There is a fascinating church there, as well as the ruins of an ancient castle. All around Kamiros there are interesting trails to wander along too. This area id Rhodes archaeological wonders. Ancient ruins sit on a hillside overlooking the sea, interspersed with pine trees and wild herbs. It is less packed then other historic sites, even when there is a tour group there. This site was devastated by the huge earthquake over 2000 years ago, but wandering among the ruins is humbling as you think of the civilization that once thrived here.


No matter where you have chosen to stay on the island, chances are that there is more than one foot path not far from you. While you will often pass fresh springs, it is a good idea to carry water with you. The western side of the island gets very hot in summer too, so you should take this into account.


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