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Rhodes is one of the best places to shop in the Aegean and has many unique and beautiful crafts. With over 200 streets in the Old Town and some charming villages, Rhodes is full of eclectic items for sale, so do spend time browsing the shops and galleries and enjoy discovering the island.

Historical heritage

Many of the items crafted on Rhodes are steeped in history dating back thousands of years. The carpet making seen in the Old Town is the legacy of the Ottoman Invasion. With distinct patterns, the rugs produced here are high quality. Jewelry is another historic craft on Rhodes with many unique designs. The jewelers have worked on Rhodes for thousands of years and produce beautiful items. Silver lace, designs with Byzantine influences, and gold work is very popular here. Many items have distinctive patterns with deer and crusader insignia, and you’ll also see pieces with a funky modern twist. There are jewelry workshops all over Rhodes Town and also in villages such as Lindos.

Art galleries are another feature of Rhodes with many views inspired by the scenery. Wander the Old Town and the galleries are tucked away in the streets and full of quality items. Rhodes has many pottery studios too, a tradition dating back centuries. You’ll find the distinctive blue color as well as pomegranate and deer emblems. One of the most famous and oldest potteries here is Ikaros which dates from the 1900s and many of the pieces are collectable. Pottery studios are located throughout Rhodes Town and also in villages including Archangelos and Ixia.


Rhodes has some delicious food specialties which make excellent souvenirs. Succulent olives grown locally and nuts are popular, as are herbs such as dried basil and oregano. Beehives with their distinctive colorful boxes are all over Rhodes and a jar of honey is an excellent souvenir. The market in Rhodes Town is held on a Wednesday and Saturday when locals bring delicious produce to be sold.

Shopping on Rhodes is a fascinating experience because when you browse the shops you get a different experience from visiting a standard mall. In Rhodes you are also experiencing the history and culture of this beautiful island.

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