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Near to Lindos, you can climb up to the top of the ancient Acropolis and see the most amazing of the St Paul beach. There are two little creeks that empty out into the sea and a cool little chapel dedicated to St Paul at the end of the beach. The waters are crystal clear and the beach a mixture of sand and pebbles and even a few rocky outcrops to dive off of.


If you are facing the ocean, to the right you will find cafes and sun beds and to the left an open quiet space to get away from it all. It is a protected little cove, so no big waves. There is opportunity for snorkeling, but best to bring your own gear. The scenery on this part of the island is stunning. It i one of the most beautiful beach on the island. This is where St Paul landed in 48AD to preach Christianity to the locals.

For hard core movie buffs, there is a place called Laki very close by where several scenes from the 1961 film «The Guns Of Navarone» were shot. If you ask one of the local boatman, you can catch a ride there for a few Euros.

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