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Rhodes Colossus, the name of one of the latest TUI aircrafts!

The largest Tour Operator worldwide, Tui Group, decided to baptize one of their newest / latest air crafts, as Rhodes Colossus, highlighting the strong synergies / cooperation between the group and our beautiful island, as long as the importance and strategic positioning of Rhodes within TUI program.

The operator, did not only choose the island's name but one of the 7 miracles of the Ancient world, "symbol and trade mark for Rhodes", Colossus, a still alive legend, one of the main characteristics of our destination.

The new Boeing 737 Max, can comfortably accommodate up to 200 passengers, is about to start flying soon to Rhodes and other Mediterranean and EU destinations, taking Rhodes Island brand name, even further.

According to information, relevant announcement and presentation of this new aircraft should be made at the end of April, during Tui Fly"s worldwide congress, taking place in our beautiful island, where thousands of employees and executives of the company, will be attending.

Tui's decision to give this name to one of their newest air crafts, follows the decision of the Dutch Carrier Transavia, which recognizing the importance of the destination to their clientele as well, did the same, 20 years ago (naming one of their new air crafts at the time "Rhodes"), whereas in the case of Tui, this movement can non consist anything else, but an other positive vote to our island.

Well done Tui - Well done Rhodes!




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