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Ancient Kamiros was, with Lindos and Ialyssos, one of the three ancient cities of the island, and an important commercial center for the Archaic of the Hellenistic Age. It was the most conservative of the three cities and supported the life and growth with agricultural production. It was discovered in 1929, during excavations in the region. It was built in the hillside overlooking the sea, without any fortifications or Acropolis.


In the archaeological site today are the ruins of the Hellenistic- Roman city of Kamiros and exact parts of houses and buildings, the Agora, the Doric Temple with a few arches, the Hellenistic Temple, the central street of the city, the ruins of the aqueduct and traces of the Temple of Athena. Near the archaeological site stands the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, in the same position as in the third century B.C. temple of Athena. It is located thirty kilometers southwest of Rhodes Town.

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