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The beaches of Greece are magic. Legend has it that if you go there in summer you will fall in love. Perhaps this is more of a modern legend than an ancient one, but I can attest to the fact that it is true.

Afandou beach on the lovely island of Rhodes is no exception. It is located just south of the resort town of Faliraki, which is more tourist heavy. The beach at Afandou itself is massive, something like 3km long, so finding a place of your own is not difficult to do. It’s a mix of sand and those really fine smooth pebbles that feel nice on your weary feet. While not overdeveloped and crowded, there are sections where you can easily find a drink, a meal or to do water-sport activities. Having said that there are also sections where you will see nothing but sand and the occasional beach shower stall. If you are looking for beaches packed wall to wall like in Mykonos, this is not the place. The water in the Med here is pristine, clear and sky blue. On one end is an area with little coves and hidden caves to explore. The perfect place to fall in love.

The actual village of Afandou is actually located a little ways off from the beach. It looks a lot like many lovely little whitewashed island beach towns in Greece, yet it is nestled among fruit and olive groves. When people settled here, they decided to build the town away from the beach in order to keep their town hidden from the sea. This was a good idea at the time, as pirates still roamed the seas, and a settlement on the each would be fair game. There is easy transport to the beach from town during the summer months but it is a pleasant enough walk. All around the area are tiny little picturesque villages, perfect for a day way from the beach, or if you are looking for more action it is easy to get to Faliraki or Rhodes town too.

While Afandou is not a typical tourist town, you will still find loads of tavernas, bars and cool shops. Life here goes on pretty much like it has done for hundreds of years, and the locals tend to be very friendly and relaxed. It is a holiday location with more of a ‘Greek’ feel to it. There are some outstanding little pensions and hotels, but one absolute favorite that stands out is a place called Karmik Concept Pension.

Since you are on the Mediterranean, be sure to indulge in the seafood. There is lots available and Greek cuisine is unique and delicious. Just look for a taverna full of locals, set yourself down and enjoy.

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