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Apolakkia beach is part of an protected wildlife sanctuary. It is covered with cedar brush and dunes and is home to many species of rare birds and turtles. It is a huge open expanse of beach, probably best suited to just lounging in the sun, as swimming her can e a little risky due to the undercurrents. Best to only swim here if you are an advanced swimmer. But the entire are around Apolakkia is fascinating.

The village of Apolakkia itself is inland and all around the area are ruins from various periods, all of which are worth exploring. There is a dam just 2 kilometers from the village also, which has formed a natural lake. This is the perfect place for anyone that loves nature.

If you happen to be here in July (the best time to visit) try to attend the watermelon festival. This is one of Apolakkia biggest local produce products, and they are simply delicious. During the festival, you can taste more things than you would ever have imagined made from the big fruits. There are several other festivals that time of year too, just enquire locally as to the dates.

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