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Elli beach is a lovely pebble beach where you can rent sun beds and umbrellas for about 4 euros. Be warned, this place is very popular, so it does at times get crowded. But where ever you have a lot of people, you also get great amenities. That means that the beach is lined with great bars serving up lush cocktails, tasty little cafes with reasonably priced food and even a cool place where you can sit on bean bags sipping a drink and enjoying the view of Turkey (which is that close. ​


The beach is great for families and kids, the water crystal clear for diving or snorkeling, and there is even a big diving board for anyone to use built right out in the water. The beach is cleaned every day, and it is all well maintained. It’s all very modern, but still has a very 70s sort of bohemian feel to it. ​ There is no shortage of accommodation near the beach and there is even a casino and an aquarium worth visiting should you get tired of lying in the sun all day. Best time to visit would be June and July, in August it gets very busy and hot.

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