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Fanes beach is located further on down the road on the West coast of Rhodes, somewhat out of the way of the main tourist circuit. It’s a long flat beach, with lots of wide open space and a lot fewer tourists then you will find on the East coast. The town of Fanes itself is a tiny little place, with a lovely little harbor and several tavernas where you can dine along the beach. There is also a fantastic resort at Fanes, called Nautica Blue, which features an amazing people and top views of the beach.


This side of the island is not as popular with tourists because sometimes there are strong winds which will wash seaweed up to the beaches.This beach is immensely popular with windsurfers and kite surfers due to the fact that there is a pretty constant breeze and lots of open spaces. In fact the few hotels that are in this area cater to them, and some offer rentals too.

Fanes harbor is important for the local fisherman, with many using this as their local port, which means you can get some amazing fresh seafood in the local restaurants.

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