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Gennadi used to be a tiny little fishing village that was discovered some years ago by keen windsurfers. While it is still a small and tranquil place, a number of resorts and hotels have sprung up in the area. The town sits between the mountains and the beach and is an easy place to while away a few days.

Gennadi beach is pebbles and sand and stretches on for ages, but there are not a lot of opportunities to rent parasols or sun beds. If you are looking for somewhere to eat the town is close by, just up over the road.

Just recently a place called the Sundance beach bar opened up. Since then the beach has become the place to be on Sunday nights, with DJ?s playing tunes well into the night and the hip young crowd of the island all showing up to party. It seems a bit of a contrast to the quiet little town and tranquil beach that you find the rest of the week. But it is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

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