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This is one of the best kept secrets on the island. Glyfada beach is absolutely stunning, lined with fantastic forests. The water is beautiful shade of emerald green due to the pines that cover the landscape. It is located quite a ways down the west coast of the island, and not the easiest place to get to but if you are venturing to explore Monolithos and Fournoi, then you should definitely come here.


The beach is mostly rocks or very large pebbles, and with the winds that blow on this side of the island you can often get a bit of seaweed. But all of this does not deter the adventurous crowd that come here to get away from it all.

There is not a lot on the beach available, though that is exactly what some people are after. Best to bring your own supplies, although you will find a couple of small basic tavernas there. Don’t count on finding parasols or sun beds, and chances are that you will have no mobile reception either. If you really need to call someone, there is a card operated phone box by the beach.

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