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Glystra beach is just a short bus ride (or a 3km walk) away from Kiotari. Whereas the latter it full of hotels and a beach that is less than perfect, just down the road is this idyllic sandy beach, a million miles from the maddening crowds. There is free parking if you have rented a car and showers on the beach too.

The sand is soft and warm, and the water slopes out very slowly, making it a fantastic place for kids. The water is clear and perfect for snorkeling. There are also canoe and paddle boats available for hire. Sun beds can be hired for 4 euros, but the sand is lovely and soft here, unlike many of the pebble beaches. The beach never seems to get too crowded and the sand runs right up into some shade trees, where you will find a fantastic little family run cafe.

If you are staying in Kiotari, this is the place to be, just don't tell everyone else in your resort about this place. You will want to keep this as your secret.

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