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Ialysos beach is one of the most organised beaches on the island and you can find everything here that you might want in a holiday. Some parts of this huge beach are private, and are only for clients of the hotel that fronts it, but you need not worry, finding a space on the public part of the beach is easy.


The water is clear blue and the beach made up of sand and pebbles. This is by far one of the most popular beach son the island and because of that there are many restaurants, tavernas, shops of eve kind imaginable and also lots of bars and nightclubs. While the nightlife isn’t real wild here, as it is on Kos or Mykonos, it still is pretty happening.

Because of it’s location close to Rhodes town and the steady offshore winds that blow, Ialysos has become a very popular destination for windsurfers. You can learn the sport here, with one of the many rental places along the each. Or, if you already know how, simply rent the gear and go. For a day away from the sun and sand, take a walk up to the medieval monastery of Filerimos on the hilltop to see the ancient Greek temple there.

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