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Right near the fascinating ancient city of Kamiros sits a lovely beach covered in smooth golden sand with crystal clear water. The water is quite calm usually, making it perfect for families. It’s easy to rent sun beds and parasols too.


There is only one taverna on the beach, but all around the area are lots of cafes and restaurants. Kamiros also has a small port, where you can catch a boat to take you out to the remote little islet of Alinda and the small island of Halki.

Beyond Kamiros beach is the absolute fantastic ruins of ancient Kamiros. Perched dramatically on a down to a cliff overhanging the the sea. , the Hellenistic city was built on three levels. Underground are 3.500-year-old water systems and above ancient walls of houses. This place is simply amazing, and walking through it will transport you back thousands of years in time. You can almost imagine the ancient Greek population strolling down for a day on the beach after visiting the forum. If you come to Rhodes, do not miss this magical place.

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