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About 50km from Rhodes town is the lovely Katsouni beach. Long a favorite with artists and photographers because of it’s beautiful scenery (especially at sunset) it is also hugely popular with backpackers and tourists alike. The beach is about 1 km long, with fantastic sand to lounge about on. It’s well organized too, with beach umbrellas and sunbeds available and lots of places for a snack.


The water is shallow, and crystal clear. The sand gently slopes out into the sea, making it ideal for families with small children. It is also quite unique here, that there are locally organised environmental campaigns to keep the beach clean. The kids love to get involved in such activities.


The beach has a very easy-going relaxed vibe to in, in contrast to some of the more party oriented areas of the island. It’s a romantic spot, perfect for a getaway vacation. While it is very popular, it still retains a more secluded feel to it than some of the islands bigger beaches. You simply have to catch a sunset here.

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