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Far away from the madness of Rhodes Town is the beach at Lachania. Surrounded by traditional Greek white houses with blue doors and windows, tile roofs and carved stone entranceways, the village here is peaceful, reacting and picturesque. The village sits at the foot of the mountains, which if you take the time to explore, will offer you a panoramic view of the valleys stretching right up to the sea.


This is probably the most beautiful village on the island and it is usually a complete surprise total surprise for most travelers.Most of the traditional houses have been bought by German and the people that have settled here appreciate the artistic community. Lachania beach here is long and beautiful and quite unspoiled.


Don’t expect a rowdy party beach, but rather a tranquil. well maintained beach of sand and pebbles. The village square has great little cafes and you will find shops with art and cool gifts. This is a great place to come if you want to find the people that really live the beach life.

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