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Up until recently, Mavros Kavos beach was a secret to those who wanted to keep it pristine and inaccessible from the multitude of tourists who visit Rhodes every year. It is one of the islands blue flag beaches, crystal clear and clean. It is not heavily organized, yet there are some sun beds and umbrellas.


In the dunes around the stunning beach at Mavros Kavos you will find the beautiful white lilies that grow on beaches as rare cedar trees. Mavros Kavos is 90 km south of the Rhodes town just before Kattavia.


To find this hidden gem look for the old Catholic Church of St. Paul and then take a left down the dirt road leading to the beach. Because Mavros Kavos is very secluded place, the nearest village is a few kilometers at Kattavia, so it would be a good idea to bring food and water with you to the beach.

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