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Prasonisi beach is actually a little island that is just off the coast of Rhodes. When the tides is out you can actually walk out to the island on the sandbar that connects them. During summer, the beach is separated into two long sandy beaches, one with calm flat waters and the other with high waves, perfect for windsurfing. If you want to try windsurfing here there are a few places where you can take courses.

The beach is not organised, and the sun gets quite strong here, so bring sunblock. There is a lighthouse on the island where you can relax with drinks and grew food. The island itself has plenty of accommodation, much of it suited to people that are staying for a while to surf. Each place usually has it’s own taverna near by.

Prasonisi gets a lot of visitors in the summer and as a result it is not as pristine as it once was. But that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t one of the most amazing little hidden place on the island.

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