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Soroni beach is on the western side of the island, making it one of the more popular beaches with windsurfers. It’s a pebble beach with slightly choppy waves and a constant wind. The beach is not well organized but there are some umbrellas and sunbeds for hire. The water is clear and fresh. Some of the best sunsets on the island can be seen here.

Soroni itself is actually a small place, with just a few shops, a couple of taverns and a small beach. It is totally unspoilt and the perfect place to relax and unwind. all around are vineyards, olive trees and citrus gloves. There is a beautiful church in town where there is a festival held every year at the end of July. It is worth checking out for the unique donkey races.

It is quite easy to get here from Rhodes town by bus or taxi, but you should be aware that as it is near to the airport you will often hear aircraft overhead. But aside from that, this is a great place to get away from it all. You will have endless stretches of beach to yourself, perfect for those that want something quieter than the cosmopolitan party towns on the island.

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