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Theologos beach, sometimes also known as Tholos once once a sleepy little town. These days it has become very popular with travelers, especially the windsurfer types and there is plenty of accommodation all around. The beach is on the windy west side of the island, so you can expect quite a strong breeze all day long.


For some people it’s too much, whipping up a bit of wave and sand when the gusts really come, but for windsurfers, this place is heaven. There are sunbeds and umbrellas available, if you don’t feel like getting out in the water that day. This is not really the place to just come hang out on the beach for a relaxing time in the sun.


Theologos beach is more about water sports. Although there are quite a few hotels, bars and tavernas, the village retains a very traditional Greek Island feel to it, and the people of the town are very welcoming. If you come, try to visit Agios Spyridonas, which is an amazing old church with a white bell tower. The old centre of town is lovely, and a delight to walk through.

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