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Church of St. Mary of Panagia Katholiki. This small stone church was originally built sometime in the 5th century AD, on the foundations of an early Christian Basilica. Parts of the foundations are still visible today. The church is triune, which means it's dedicated to three holy people or groups of three. In this case it pays homage to the Holy Mother, St. Luke and to the three Prelates.


At some stage before the 8th century, a powerful earthquake struck the island, causing serious damage to many buildings, including this church at Afandou, which completely collapsed. But the inhabitants were determined to replace their favorite place of worship and so in the years that followed, the little church was gradually re-erected. But it was probably not meant to be because it was again leveled during another earthquake that hit the area towards the end of the 8th century. The chapel was patiently and painstakingly reconstructed for the third time, which must say a lot for the local?s love and dedication to their favourite church.

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