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The church of St George of Vardas (Agios Georgios)  was built in 1290 AD, and is set against the picturesque lake that was built in 1989. This is the tiniest of temples, and it has the appearance of a crudely and hastily constructed little building, almost as if a group of children put it together. This is perhaps what makes it so intriguing and charming. There is no cross on the rooftop, no dome, in fact nothing at all that indicates that this is a religious building.


However, on entering the quaint little building, you are met by a small but fascinating display of frescoes on the walls. The chapel?s location near the lake The Church of St. George of Vardas is a 13th century stone structure that could easily be mistaken for a garden shed as there is nothing to indicate that it is a place of worship, not even a cross.

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