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Located in the Eastern part of the island, nine kilometers from the city. The opening of the initial installation of Kallithea was on July 1st 1929, and has attracted a large number of patients and scientists from all around the world. The therapeutic waters of Kallithea are used for many conditions.

After a period of abandonment, the Kalithea Springs again opened its doors on July 1st 2007, after an extensive restoration project for this magnificent monument. It is an exceptional combination of nature, monumental architecture and unique history. Next to the monument you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea or stroll around the picturesque cove with its stunning natural beauty and artistic compositions crafted into pebble mosaics.


The specially designed rooms hold works from past and present artists, a permanent exhibition of photographs show the past and future sources of Kallithea, this area often holds organized cultural and artistic exhibitions, festivals, concerts and many other events.

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