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Located just 2km from the coast Afandou is one of the oldest villages in Rhodes. It was safely situated so that it could not be seen from the sea, which is what gave it its name; afanto is the Greek for invisible. The village’s hidden location kept it safe from pirates that caused havoc raiding coastal towns in the Mediterranean at the time of its founding. Today, visitors will be greeted by a vibrant town full of bars, cafés, restaurants, and shops. For fantastic nightlife head to the nearby town of Faliraki, just a 10-minute drive from Afandou. Even though the village has been discovered by tourists, it hasn’t lost its Greek feel, with its 7,500 locals welcoming visitors with a friendly smile.

The village square is a hive of activity, surrounded by places to eat and drink. It is here where you’ll find the most interesting building in the village, the Church of Our Lady Katholiki, which is adorned with 17th century paintings. Also worth visiting is the village’s folklore exhibition. Around the village, you’ll see plenty of shops selling the beautiful hand woven carpets that the village is famous for. Traditional architecture and old world charm have been left unspoilt.

In the peak season visitors can hop on the miniature train, which runs between the village square and the beach 2km away. Afandou beach is one of the least spoiled and longest beaches in Rhodes. At 4km long, you won’t be wanting for a quiet spot to enjoy the warm, calm water, soak up the sun, or try some water sports. If you want a break from the sand, head to the lush greens of Afandou’s stunning 18-hole golf course and its amazing sea views.

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