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Heading high into the Rhodes mountains is the tiny, picturesque village of Agios Isidoros. The village sits at a height of 532 metres near the base of the highest mountain in Rhodes, Mt. Attavyros, 66km to the south of Rhodes Town. It is isolated and scenic, without being spoiled by tourism. If you want a true, traditional Rhodes experience don’t miss visiting this very special place. During the summer the village provides a comfortable escape from the heat of the rest of the island.

The locals are warm and friendly. The centre of activity is found around the village square, where you’ll find a few cafés, tavernas, and shops. The meat from livestock that have grazed the surrounding countryside is renowned for its taste and quality; it is well worth trying. Take some time to visit the local church and enjoy its beautiful frescoes.

For those in search of locally produced products, you won’t be disappointed. Agios Isidoros is the place to try wine, olive oil, and organic honey from small producers. Plenty of crafts are also available, including the amazing needlework that Rhodes is famous for. The village is filled with traditional charm, it even still uses outdoor wood ovens, a practice that is thousands of years old.

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