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This tiny village that looks like you’ve stepped into a postcard is found in a valley on the south west of Rhodes not far from the coast and 78km from Rhodes Town. The village hasn’t lost its old world charm with its traditional buildings, monasteries, and wildlife. One of the main attractions here is Apolakkia Lake. Don’t miss going for a nature walk around the lake to catch glimpses the many birds that live here in the wetlands created by the dam.


Near the dam is the 13th century temple, a small but beautiful post-Byzantine structure adorned with amazing paintings and with breathtaking views of the nearby beach. In the village check out the village square where you can see the stunning Italian mansion that represents one of the finest examples of classical Italian architecture in the region. Also in Apolakkia is the historic Monastery of the Virgin Skiadi, which is where the revered icon of the Virgin Skiadi is safely kept.


The roads surrounding the village are perfect for walking. Quiet, rural roads take you through countryside filled with citrus trees and olive groves. Don’t miss spending some time around Apolakkia Bay and its unspoiled beach. The habitat here is protected with wonderful flora and fauna to explore, including sea turtles.

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