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One of Rhodes’ larger villages Apollona is a rich olive growing and wine producing area with some of the island’s most interesting history that dates back to the Neolithic period. The village gets its name from the Greek god Apollo for who a temple was built here; the ruins can be seen today. The village is located close to the centre of Rhodes on a picturesque hillside and surrounded by mountains. Life here is slow and friendly, with beautiful smells from the local plant life and plenty of fresh air.


The folklore museum is a real hidden gem. The collection includes ancient tools, fabrics, and furniture that was once used and created on the island. It also exhibits interesting sarcophaguses, traditional women’s clothes, and old stone columns. Near the museum, you can find the ruins of a Byzantine castle and just outside the village is the Monastery of Kariona, which has some beautiful fresco from the Byzantine period. The village temple, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, is well worth visiting for its hagiographies and pretty pebbled courtyard. It is at this temple where one of Rhodes’ biggest festivals is held to celebrate St. Stavrou every September.

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