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Hidden away in the hills of Rhodes is the pretty, tranquil little village of Arnitha; located in the south west of the island. Framed by the Skiadi mountains, lush landscapes, and thick forest Arnitha is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet and mingle with the local people. Houses here are the traditional white boxed shape and like other villages on the island it has a central square. Around the square is where you’ll find a small selection of cafés and tavernas where you can relax with a cup of fresh Greek coffee.


Part of social life here is going to the taverna and talking about events of the world amongst whoever is there. Visitors are always welcomed and encouraged to join in. As you enter the village, you can see the pristine Kato Vrisi natural spring. Make sure to go through the village and up the hill to visit St. Beautiful Nicolas church, which dates to the 13th century. From this spot, you can get amazing views of the surrounding countryside and on a clear day see the sea. You will also be able to see the monastery of the Virgin Mary known as Skiadeni. The areas surrounding the village offer fantastic walking past orchards and waterfalls.

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