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As far as scenery goes, Dimilia is one of the most prettily situated in the entire of Rhodes. It is set amongst lush plants and in the shadow of the Profitis Ilias mountain. Life here carries on a slow place with tiny little lanes that twist between the traditional style houses. Brightly colored flowers add just the right splash of color to the mix of green and well kept traditional houses. In the centre of the village, you will find a selections of places to eat and drink.

As you approach the village, you’ll see the much loved and renowned natural spring of Foundoukli. Dimilia is a village to visit for those that want to get away from the crowds in the tourist hot spots. You will find it incredibly quiet here, agriculture isn’t even a main practice in Dimilia. To soak up an authentic sleepy Rhodes village without the need for endless activity, you will find this the perfect place to escape from reality. The liveliest time to be had here is on 29 August when the annual festival of Saint John the Apokefalistic takes place. It lasts for two days and features traditional music, dance, and food.

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