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Embonas village’s main draws are its liveliness, wine tasting, and excellent tavernas. On the horizon sits the tallest mountain in Rhodes, Mt. Attavyros, and with the village itself being the highest on the island, sitting at a lofty 800 metres. This mountain location makes Embonas a fantastic place to escape the soaring summer temperatures, but it can get quite chilly in the winter. Fresh air is in great supply here, making it an extremely popular place to visit. Despite its popularity with tourists the locals have worked hard to keep traditions intact and try to live their lives according to the old ways, such as traditional clothing.

The village square is the main hub of life in Embonas with wonderful little shops selling the handicrafts made by the local women. Of course the wine here is some of the best in Rhodes, but Embonas also produces excellent olive oil and honey. Also near the square is the excellent Folk and Popular Art Museum. While this isn’t the place to visit for historic ruins ¨C there isn’t much of that here ¨C it is an ideal place to enjoy traditional ways, have a meal, and meet people.

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