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In the south of Rhodes Gennadi village is a rural idyll with a small but friendly population. As of yet this little seaside jewel has yet to be spoilt by too much tourism. It has brightly painted villas and traditional white Greek style houses. The village itself is one kilometre from its pebbly beach, with most of the new development taking place in the area around the beach. The beach stretches on for several kilometres, so you can be certain of finding a secluded spots. The water and beach here are pristine and known as one of the cleanest in Rhodes. The commercial section of the beach has umbrellas to rent and some great organised beach parties.

The village has a selection of shops where you can pick up necessities. Its main attractions are its Olive Press Museum and its natural spring water flowing through the public taps. Even though the village is tiny, it has three interesting and ancient churches worth seeing, one whose history can be traced as far back as the 6th century. Just outside the village is the historic Pano Vrissi cave. The cave is cool, perfect for escaping the summer heat. It has fresh, cold drinking water and artefacts were found here that date to prehistoric times.

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