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Ialyssos is one of the biggest towns in Rhodes with a population of 12,000. It is situated on the north west of the island only five-miles from Rhodes Town. The town is particularly popular as a family resort, due to its excellent facilities. Life here is anything but quiet. The town is always buzzing from early morning and late into the night. There is an excellent variety of shops, both up-scale and tacky, bars, restaurants, play centres, and hotels. In addition to all the action around the town, it is usually quite windy here.

The town has an interesting and ancient history. It started off as one of the ancient Dorian cities, of which there were three. Today, the ancient city ruins are slightly outside of the modern town on Mt. Filerimos. You can still see some of these ruins, which date back to 1500 BC. The ruins include one of the most important archaeological sites in Rhodes – the Zeus and Athena temple, a 14th century church, and Byzantine fortifications, making for an interesting peak at centuries of local history. If you’re able, it’s worth climbing the steep stairs to the top of the hill where you’ll get amazing views of the sea and countryside.

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