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In southern Rhodes, nestled amongst hills is the pretty village of Istrios. The small community of less than 500 lives a mainly agricultural life. The surrounding countryside is rich with lemon and olive groves, vineyards, and pines. The environment provides an excellent wildlife habitat that is perfect for exploring by hiking enthusiasts and protected by NATURA 2000. The paths here will take you to many hidden gems, including breathtaking waterfalls. This is a place to come and contemplate your connection with nature. Take time to move slowly here and soak it all in.

The central square is warm and welcoming to visitors, who can relax at the local taverna with a drink or meal. At the far end of the village, you’ll find the ruins of a Byzantine temple and a wonderful Saint Merkourios tabernacle in honour of the village’s patron saint dating to the 17th century. Every August 16 the village celebrates Saint Merkourios with a festival.

Village life here is very traditional, with old festivals and wedding rituals still practiced; ancient dialects are even still spoken. The local people work the land for many hours each day and enjoy heading to the taverna when their work is done to mingle with locals and visitors alike.

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