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Kalavarda village is conveniently located just 13 km from the airport and 30 km from Rhodes Town. The village has both a long and interesting history and picturesque seaside location. It is small in size with only around 500 residents, making it charming, friendly, and peaceful. Near the village you’ll find the ancient ruins of Kamiros.

The residents live a mostly agricultural life on this little corner of western Rhodes. Just 800-metres from the village is the local beach providing clean and safe swimming. The views here are fantastic and give visitors some of the best sunsets on the island, as well as breathtaking views of the Profitis Ilias mountain. The countryside around the village has many excellent hiking trails through lush woods, home to the Rhodian deer.

People who are attracted to the village are those in search of a more cultural experience where they can learn local traditions, connect with the people, and relax away from the island’s tourist hotspots. Like many other Rhodes’ villages, you’ll find tavernas serving up delicious local cuisine.

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