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Kalithies village is one of the largest in Rhodes, with a population of nearly 5,500 people. Despite its size it is more famous for its Faliraki resort, where the nightlife is booming. Kalithies has benefited from its popular tourist hotspot. It has a great mix of modern and traditional packed into its narrow streets with plenty of shops, cafés, and sites of interest.

Located only 13km from Rhodes Town Kalithies has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. On a hill overlooking the village is the small and simple chapel of the Monastery of the Prophet Amos, an ancient church with beautiful frescos. Just a short journey from Kalithies is Sarantaphilos, an archaeological ruin that shows evidence of Mycenaean life. Don’t miss seeing Kalamonas cave, which not only has amazing stalactites, but is where the oldest human remains on Rhodes were found and are thought to be as old as 5000 to 3700 BC. Finally, take some time to visit the Kalithea Spa, 9km from Kalithies, it is arguably one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning spas.

For modern attractions, you’ll find Europe’s largest waterpark, Faliraki Water Park nearby, as well as a park dedicated purely the world’s many varieties of snakes. For clean swimming water, cosmopolitan hotels, and plenty of water activities Faliraki beach resort is the place to go.

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