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The tiny village of Kritinia with a population of just 500 is easily one of the most beautifully situated in Rhodes. Its hilltop position provides stunning views of the sea, countryside, and Rhodes highest mountain – Mount Attavyros. At the very top of the village is a majestic and historic Venetian castle. The village has a relaxed atmosphere and history going back thousands of years. Just over 4km away is the pretty port of Kamiros Skala where visitors can take a boat to the picturesque Chalki.

The Venetian castle is Kritinia’s historic jewel. Built at the end of the 15th century only a shell remains today, but it will give you an idea of upper class life during this period and the views from here are amazing. Kritinia’s other main attraction are its Folklore and Popular Art Museum; a great way to learn about the ancient local culture, and don’t miss the 16th century Agios Ioannis church’s beautiful frescos. The village itself was first establish by families from Crete, who were trying to escape Turkish rule.

Kritinia is situated 51km from Rhodes Town on the north western coast of the island. The island’s international airport is only 35km away. Being off the tourist path makes visiting here a lovely way to connect with a true Rhodes village. Take some time to go to the village square, sit outside the old-style grocery store for a drink and meet the locals.

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