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Mandriko has a lovely situation, sitting between the charming fishing village of Kamiros Skala and the Kamiros historic site. Located 44 km from the island’s main town of Rhodes it was settled as a result of Kritinia inhabitants that wanted to move to a location on the coast. The village’s main income is derived from the many vegetable farms that thrive on the land surrounding the village. In fact nearly 30-percent of all produce that you’ll find in Rhodes’ markets comes from this tiny fertile region.

As far as historic sites or other notable places of interest Mandriko doesn’t have much worth seeing. However, what it does offer visitors is a wonderfully tranquil environment where you can relax and enjoy an unspoilt Rhodes village. Within the village there is one building worth visiting, the Holy Trinity church, which sits prettily on the village square.

Mandriko’s beach is ideal for uninterrupted and private relaxation. It remains untouched by tourism development. The beach is small and pleasant, but certainly not one of the island’s most beautiful. Nature hugs the shoreline giving it a wild feel. Swimming here isn’t safe due to the deep water but there are plenty of trees offering shade while you get lost in a book. Finish your visit here by waiting for the sun to set – it’s said that some of Rhodes’ best sunsets can be seen here.

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