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Vibrant and busy Maritsa village can be found on the west coast of Rhodes a short drive from Rhodes Town. If you’re in search of nightlife and tavernas, you will find Maritsa ticks all the boxes. Despite influence from tourism the village still retains much of its traditional charm. The numerous cafés are always buzzing while nestled amongst the narrow streets. The amazing choice of food on offer is one of the village’s main draws. It is here that locals and visitors alike enjoy spending long evenings chatting, listening to music, and eating.

There are two historic churches that are worthy of your time. The tiny Church of Agia dates to the 15th century and sits cutely under the shade of trees. Also from the 15th century is the church of Agios Nikolaos which holds within beautiful paintings. You will find the local people here very friendly and many traditional features can be found in the buildings.

A particularly fun time to visit Maritsa is on New Year’s Eve when it is traditional for the local young people to throw a celebration. The young people collect money from business owners and villagers for the celebration with the party starting around 10pm. Traditional songs and music are played and the New Year welcomed in.

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