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Perched high in the Rhodes’ mountains overlooking the sea sits the tiny, secluded, and enchanting village of Monolithos. Its location and its spectacular views were once prized for the safety they provided from enemy attacks in the Middle Ages, but now are beloved for the peace and tranquillity provided. Here at one of the village’s highest points, you will discover the ruins of what was once and grand Venetian castle from which you can take in the breathtaking wild nature that surrounds the area.


Monolithos’ location far in the south-west of Rhodes, an area well off the tourist path and sparsely populated, is rarely touched by non-locals. Its isolation from the rest of the world and even the rest of Rhodes is what makes this village so special. Peacefulness is what awaits visitors who come to enjoy the traditional houses and customs. Life here hasn’t changed much over the decades, giving you a wonderful sense of life in Rhodes years ago.


The village tavernas offer tasty menus of local dishes. If visiting make sure to make the climb to the castle ruins. Not only are the ruins interesting for its 15th century chapels and ancient walls, but the views are the biggest gem you’ll find here, so don’t miss out. The chapels have pretty frescos and some sections of this former fortress are in good condition.

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