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Paradisi village used to be visitors’ first glimpse of traditional Rhodes. Paradisi village is close to the airport and every visitor that was en-route to Rhodes Town used to have to pass through the village before the new road was built to accommodate the traffic; most certainly to the joy of the local residents. However, just because you can pass this village by without a glance doesn’t mean that it’s not worth spending some time in.

Paradisi village has an interesting and ancient history. The many exotic plants that thrive in the area were brought there by the Arabs before the 14th century and are what gives the village its name – Paradise. Today, the village is densely populated with over 2,600 people living here. Walking through the narrow streets, you will see many traditional white washed houses mixed with more modern buildings and some stunning neoclassical architecture, particularly the building of the former village high school. The main attractions include the early 14th century Knight’s Fort dating to 1330, the 15th century Prophet Annakum Monastery, and the 17th century Ypapanti of Christos Monastery and  17th century Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery.

Paradisi village isn’t the best place to base yourself for your visit, but it is perfect for a base the night before an early flight due to its proximity to the airport. Arrive in the afternoon and spend it enjoying its tavernas and historic sites.

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