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Profilia village is found on the slopes of the mountain Gerakas. It is another picturesque traditional village of Southern Rhodes with white houses. When a visitor reaches the center of the village, he can rest at the traditional cafe next to the tabernacle of Saint George and enjoy the view that depending on the hour of the day creates an image of peace and calmness. The village’s church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary’s Birth.


Other religious monuments are: Archangel Michael and Saint George (16th century) (in the village) Saint Paraskevi (20th century) Saint John Prodromos «Miranos» Natural environment The mountainous region in which Profilia is found is interesting to every visitor. Rural roads lead to pinewoods with rich flora and fauna (a place where the deer Dama-Dama live), where the visitor can enjoy the beauty of nature. The region is protected by the European Network «NATURA 2000». Festivals Profilia celebrates the following: Saint John Prodromos «Miranos» on August 29th . The festival takes place the night before.

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