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Soroni village, which is the capital of the municipality of Kamiros, is a small village on the northwest coast of the island of Rhodes. Here, the most popular religious festival on the island is held at the chapel Agios Soulas, which is located outside the village, on the chapel's saints day, every 29th and 30th of July. Soroni, with just a few shops, a couple of taverns and a small beach, is totally unspoilt and an excellent place to relax and unwind. In its fertile soil olive trees, vineyards, citrus groves and other agricultural products are cultivated. Only a three km drive through pinewoods bring you to the tiny church called Agios Soulas, a chapel within extensive grounds, a tavern and a play area.


Here the most popular religious feast on the island is held every 29th and 30th July. Crowds to gather, especially on the 29, the chapel’s saints day. In the afternoon there are athletic events, horse and donkey races in a simple stadium-unique on Rhodes. For those wishing to attend-special buses run from the New Market in Rhodes Town. The monastery takes it name from Syllas, the student and follower of Paulus the Apostle. It was most probably founded in the early Christian times and was renovated in 1836 to its present day. Traditional thinking states that the water which springs up from within the monastery cave has therapeutic qualities.

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