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«Kokkini Porta Rossa» – The new Diamond & Unique Hotel of the Medieval City of Rhodes!

There are some times, when human efforts & actions, can surprise you that positive and pleasant, that might sound unbelievable! This has happened with the new Luxury – Boutique hotel of Medieval City of Rhodes, «Kokkini Porta Rossa» (whereas «Kokkini Porta» = «Red Door»). To us is not only a Luxury – Boutique Hotel, but a Diamond – Unique hotel too!

Within the following days, this amazing hotel will open its doors to their few but demanding guests, offering top class of accommodation, high quality of gastronomy and services in a friendly environment, where the luxury and tastefully decorated suites and common places meet the history of this old house / building, a knight’s residence, with a small church dedicated to the Saint in its yard, once stood where the house currently stands. This was the residence of the knight in charge of guarding the Gate. When the Knights handed Rhodes over to the Turks in 1522, Turkish, Jewish and later Greek families began living in the big house.

200 years ago, one of the owners of the house, Ahmet Aga, proved that such care did indeed exist. He brought running water from a distant location by installing clay pipes, but did not keep it just for himself. He placed an ancient, marble sarcophagus in front of the house and turned it into a water fountain. He gave the priceless gift of water to his neighbours and passers-by. The suites were named after people who have previously lived in the house. Gülbin, Katina, Deniz, Irene, Orhan.

At this point we would also like to congratulate the owners Mr Nikos Voulgarides & his wife Mrs Angela Chatzidimitriou Voulgarides, who on their own expenses! and together with the municipality and the Archaeological authorities, restored the walls around their hotel, cleaned the roads / arches in the general area and left their own positive mark in the area! These active citizens consists the greatest of the examples! Thanking them and following them, is the least we could do.

If you can not afford staying there, its definitely worthy a visit!

For more info have a look here.




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