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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Rhodes! One of our Local Product Gems!

The year by year increasing demand of the local tourist market in the Rhodes produced, Greek Certified products is amazing! We are talking among other for the high quality, local Virgin Olive Oil and its sub products, such as cosmetics, soaps, sweets etc. which can be easily be purchased in the many stores of our island.

The last two years, the extra virgin Olive Oil of Rhodes, has made the difference! The local entrepreneurs producing and packing this unique in taste, quality and beneficial for the human mind and body ingredients product in luxurious aluminium cans and glass bottles, whereas they sell it via local stores, hotels, supermarkets and even hotels.

According to the store shop owners, the Rhodian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is the product with the highest demand among hundreds they have been selling! At this point, it's worthy to note that the past years, many herbal cosmetic shops based on the olive oil have been set up, across the island! A great present for yourselves and your beloved ones, before leaving the island! Do not miss it out! Try the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in Rhodes!




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